Feel a sense of clarity as I guide you through a seamless planning experience with intentional design.

Hi, I'm Cassie!


Quality of life matters. Partnering with me will alleviate anxiety to ensure you're being the best you. Continue living your life, working hard, having game nights with friends, going to kickball, and squeezing in play time with your pup. 

I'm so thrilled to be making this process effortless for you! Your happiness, especially on your wedding day, means the most to me. That alone, totally drives my enthusiasm to ensure your day is just as you imagine. And on your wedding day, I'll be smiling from start to finish, as well!


When I met my husband, Dustin, he taught me so much about love. I never knew quite how to show love until I met him. I was always in a relationship, but they were never right and I would never admit that to myself. When I met Dustin, my perspective on love and relationships completely turned. 

We compliment each other, we understand and respect one another, we truly bring out the best in each other. Somehow, we are this incredibly wonderful pair and I find him to be so inspiring.

This is where my true desire to plan weddings came from. 

I wholeheartedly believe in love. Love is the kind of thing that can bring you senseless smiles. I think it can help build our character because it brings kindness, silliness, romance, and so much more. I think it challenges us to be better people. Being able to celebrate that is a gift and Iā€™m passionate about helping others celebrate this special kind of love in a very FUN way!


photo by: Amy Caroline Photography

photo by: Amy Caroline Photography

I absolutely adore my husband, Dustin and appreciate his desire to support me in all that I do.

Porter, our dog, is the second love of my life.

I always have a book on my bedside table.

Backpacking the mountains of New England feels like home.

Peonies are my most favorite flower, so I truly treasure the short season when they are in bloom.

I'm a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan and have been since I was 10 after betting quarters with my dad and brother.

I use too many exclamation points...!

I'm a Maine native and coastal enthusiast who spent a few years in the mountains of Colorado with my husband before Maine called us back home.


Your  Experience

My first priority is always getting to know each other. My passion is putting your personality into the details while I create a place for ideas to be heard, so it's important I get to know you! Most importantly, I'll understand your vision, pull every detail and emotion together while bringing it to life on your wedding day. Your time will be saved as I lead you through an organized process.