5 Reasons to Getaway With Your Partner

21 Broad: A Boutique Hotel in Nantucket

21 Broad: A Boutique Hotel in Nantucket

Just the two of us. Dustin and I packed our weekend bags and took on the three hour drive to The Cape, just to then board a two hour ferry ride. This long journey was for one quick night on Nantucket and it was worth each minute of our travels.

I believe in nights away with your partner because I value relationships.

Here are 5 reasons why just one night away is so valuable:

1. Time to reconnect and disconnect. Life gets busy. We all know that. Whether we have kids running around, pets requiring our attention, or just a lot buzzing around us, it can be challenging to make time to really listen without being distracted. Getting away allows you to put your phone down (while trusting your kids, pets, apartment, etc. is well taken care of), to be fully with your partner. I think you will find that leaving your phone behind in a hotel room or tucked in your purse for hours, is refreshing.

2. Time to focus on your role as a wife, husband, fiance, etc. We are moms, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, daughters, and so much more. We carry the weight of a lot of roles in our lives and not just family roles, but professional roles as well. I find that out of all my roles, I most love being a wife. Time away together allows me to really think about myself as a wife and how grateful I am to be married to this man that I live with each day. It reminds me that I want to be the best wife for him because that affects us both.

3. It makes love full. I believe love is the greatest gift and it comes in so many different forms. When we go about our daily lives, rarely breaking routine, we often fail to keep love full. While being away, you see your partner is this wonderful light and you’re easily reminded why you fell in love to begin with.

4. You continue to learn about one another. I believe we are all always changing and growing into the best people we can be. In saying that, I think our relationships change as a result and therefore, we need to continually learn about one another and learn how to be the best partner.

5. It’s fun! Exploring new places or re-exploring places you’ve already been is fun!

Here are 4 ways you CAN make this work for you if you’re interested:

1. Skip the gifts. Dustin and I make this happen because we don’t buy each other big gifts for holidays, but rather small thoughtful ones that don’t leave a dent in our bank account. We value experiences over things and for us, that means taking time together to live those experiences. Saving money on gifts helps be sure those moments occur. Try it: instead of anniversary gifts next year, save and try a getaway!     

2. Make it short. You don’t need to fly anywhere or spend a week. One night just an hour away can be a magical trip, as long as you really take the time to be together.

3. Look at affordable options. One year, we went camping- the regular car kind. If you know me, you know I’d rather backpack and put our tent at the summit of a mountain. But camping at a state park allowed us to get away while still doing something out of our ordinary daily routine. I certainly love boutique hotels and we sometimes make that work for us, but it doesn’t have to be extravagant each time. Maybe you have a friend that doesn’t live too far away and you can borrow their home while they are away? Or what about those great Groupon deals?

4. Go during the off season. There’s no need to sneak away during peak season unless you want to. Look during those times when tourists aren’t abundant. It’s bound to be much more affordable.

Love is worth it, so take that time to honor your relationship.

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