Thinking About 2017

Taking time to reflect about the year behind allows me think about the year ahead. When I initially began reflecting on 2016, I felt disappointed. I was focusing on the things that I still want to achieve, rather than reflecting on what I had achieved. This was INSANE! I have so much to be grateful for and I’ve accomplished many things personally and professionally this year. It’s easy to be hard on myself, but sometimes it's even harder to offer myself pride.

I'm feeling very humbled to be in another year of business and 2017 is looking to be a great one! I'll be working with many genuine, wonderful couples who I can't wait to get to know further. I can't wait to serve them through their wedding planning journey!

In 2017, I have some main goals that I'm thinking about. There are others on my mind, but the ones I'm about to share are the most clear at this point, so here they are:

1. Be consistent with Facebook posting. I’ve used Facebook sporadically rather than consistently and I want to change this. 

2. Blog 3 times a month. Blogging is important. It creates time for reflection and celebration and it’s a fun way to share. I think what has help me back is waiting for the right words and I hope to be feel less uneasy with my writing.

3. Continue Love Notes. I finally began an email list and I’m psyched about it! As soon as it happened, I did a little happy shuffle across the hardwood! I’m so thrilled to be offering this to couples needing help with their wedding planning.

4. Blog about couples I’m working with. I get to work with some pretty wonderful couples! One of the favorite pieces to my work from home is reading responses from my couples on a form I send out to new clients. Whenever I read about who they are, their story, and their likes and dislikes, I do it with no distractions. It helps me feel connected, especially if they’re far away. In 2017, I hope to ask more couples to feature them on my blog! (If your reading this friends, let me know if you're interested!)

5. Ask for reviews. It’s important to me to know how my clients feel about their experience working with me and I want to seek out that review (whether it’s made public or private). This information is valuable as I continue to grow and think about the future of Doting and Details and how to best serve couples.

Cheers to a beautiful 2017 ahead!