WHY I'm excited about Flourish!

Photo by: Amy Caroline Photography

Photo by: Amy Caroline Photography

Flourish launched last week and I wanted to share why I’m so excited about this experience!

This idea began brewing in my head over the summer because through reflection, I noticed that I’m talking to more and more brides who feel lost. Lost for a variety of different reasons:

  • Friends are already married and they just don’t have the interest and excitement anymore about a wedding
  • Friends aren’t married and they don’t understand the joy with your engagement
  • Your family is throwing out a thousand different ideas that don’t match your own
  • You just aren’t sure where to start with design
  • Your not sure what to look for in vendors
  • You have no idea if you’d rather just elope
  • Pinterest feels overwhelming rather than helpful


There’s so much of this going on for people and I’m eager to create a community of engaged couples who want to journey through this experience with others who are feeling similar feelings of joy and sometimes stress. I believe that if we gather together to work through your planning, I can help you feel confident and eager for the rest of your wedding planning.


I’ve also started Flourish because I think working with a wedding planner isn't within the budget for some of you, yet I believe you’d like the help if it was more feasible and tangible. This is where Flourish developed and I can’t wait for January 27.


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I hope to see you there! Click here to learn more and click here to save your seat!