A Doting and Details Couple: Meet Taylor and Will


I first met Taylor and Will over pastries in Portland. Who doesn’t love restaurants in Portland, especially ones where you can sit outside with an afternoon coffee and a scrumptious treat on a gorgeous June day?! Taylor and Will are a blast! They are both laid-back and so easy to talk to.

Wedding Date: August 27, 2017

Meet Taylor and Will

I love how Taylor describes herself: a dog loving Mainer. Will is a bike and guitar loving doctor. Together, they love to be snuggling, eating, and hiking! They love to be on outside adventures-- hiking, skiing, running (especially with the dogs)! They also value their trips to Maine and Boston to visit family and friends.

Her favorite morning beverage: coffee

His favorite morning beverage: coffee (plenty of it)

A favorite memory from Will’s perspective:

We have plenty of fun trip-related stories, but that first night set the tone for our whole relationship and our communal goals for ourselves and our future working to help people in the world. It sounds lofty and pretentious, but what the heck. We love what we do.

I was back at Oberlin in 2011 visiting for a lacrosse alumni game, and that night went out to a house party. Being the awesome/weird place that Oberlin is, they happened to have a cotton candy machine in the living room. I just dipped my whole hand in the thing, came out with a fluffy, sugar coated upper extremity, turned the corner to the kitchen to find this striking, gorgeous woman there, talking to friends. To be honest, I was intimidated! We made eye contact, I walked over, and she asked me for some cotton candy (would I be writing you had that cotton candy machine not been there?)  We talked for a while, danced, and when I asked if she wanted to leave to go to another party with my friends I was somewhat shocked that she said "yes."  I still remember hearing her say it, and the ping of shock and excitement I felt.

We ended up leaving that following party quickly, preferring our company over everyone else's. We walked all over the campus enjoying heady conversation about biology, the state of American education, and a bunch of other nerdy stuff, and for hours. Conversation with her had this pressure behind it, like there were so many directions we could go, and so much we wanted to say. It never missed a beat. I think we were just so excited to just be in that space together. I'd never really experienced that, and certainly not so quickly, with anyone.

What they're looking forward to on their wedding day: Being surrounded by everyone they love!

Taylor and Will are the best kind of people! Their wedding is going to be eclectic and fun I am beyond excited to be helping them execute their day at a really cool venue in Portland- O’Maine Studios.