Why Honeymoon Immediately After your Wedding?


It’s not a surprise that I believe in a honeymoon immediately following your wedding day. This time away, just as I’ve expressed about getaways, is valuable for any relationship and it's most valuable right after your wedding.

After completing an incredible amount of preparation, your wedding day is the day to fully celebrate your marriage with your closest friends and family. A honeymoon though, allows you time to celebrate together. Marriage is a beautiful union and it deserves your attention. After your wedding day, there are so many emotions to navigate and mostly, it's pure joy. A honeymoon allows you to take time to revel in this feeling.

Going on a honeymoon immediately after your wedding day:

let’s you celebrate. You deserve this time to revel in the joy of just being married. Taking a honeymoon allows that to happen. You can celebrate any way that you like and do it with the person you love absolutely most in this world. 

provides stress relief. For some of you, wedding planning is stressful and a honeymoon allows you to recharge.

creates a first memorable moment as newlyweds. This is such a perfect time for new memories!

traveling alone together may be difficult after the wedding. Travel is so often to see family and friends. I see this with many people I know, including myself. Sometimes it’s hard to squeeze in time for you and your spouse to simply travel alone together wherever you’d like. Your friends are getting married, they are having babies that you want to meet; there are so many reasons to leave home, but rarely for just time away.

brings you together. On a honeymoon, there are no interruptions. You get to be together and do exactly what you’d like, even if that means brief time apart while you each indulge in something you love that makes you unique.

There are so many things to consider when evaluating whether or not to take a honeymoon and finances are always taken into considerations as well. Remember that a honeymoon doesn’t have to be somewhere exotic far from where you call home. And if you do choose to honeymoon, please consider turning that phone off and just forgetting about it.

Happy planning!