The Importance of an Organized Seating Plan

photos by: Brea McDonald Photography

If you have a 2018 wedding, this is definitely for you!! You NEED a well organized seating chart that has been looked over multiple times. It means that you won’t have last minute chaos adding stress to anyone, i.e. your family, bridesmaids, or coordinator (and in some cases, all of these individuals). 

There's 3 typical seating arrangement options:

  • assigned seats
  • assigned tables
  • open seating

This post is for you if you have assigned seats or tables!

What can possibly go wrong?

  • Guest numbers not matching up with table and escort card list. For example, you have 10 guests planned for table 6, but there are only 9 place cards.
  • Spelling errors.
  • A guest name written twice on escort cards and listed at two different tables.
  • Names written on a place card, but not an escort card (or vice versa).
  • A table mismatch, for example you planned for 10 round and 4 rectangular, but really you have 8 round and 6 rectangular.


Avoid these errors by truly triple checking. You may dread this, but I can’t stress enough how important it is. Use fresh eyes each time and even better, have two sets of eyes on it at once.

  • Lay out your escort cards and be sure these match your rsvp list.
  • If you have place cards (assigned seating at a table), look at these cards and be absolutely sure they coincide with what’s on your escort card list (instructing your guests which table they're at).
  • You can also count each and make sure the numbers match (escort cards and place cards) as an additional way to feel confident.
  • Look at your seating plan (electronic or not) and compare it with your rental contract to ensure the table mismatch error can’t occur.

Also, definitely have extra BLANK place card and escort card materials on the day of your wedding. In case there does end up being a problem, your coordinator wants it to match what you have.

Email me, so we can plan a consult. I'd love to help you get this detail organized so you feel great about it and there's NO confusion on your wedding day.

Happy planning,