Vendor Feature: Ridgely Calligraphy

You guys! I’m excited for you to meet Riddy today! I’ve only met her virtually, but I’m already super glad to have her on board as a wedding vendor and local creative.


She describes herself as a calligrapher, illustrator, designer and Seacoast native. She loves running and is currently renovating her home, which has brought a lot of joy in her life! She has a degree in Studio Art and has experience as an Art Director/Graphic Designer. She explored calligraphy a few years ago and immediately fell in love with the artform.


Here’s a little more right from Riddy:


How did you gets started?

Owning my own creative business was something I always wanted to do. I grew up in a family that really let me cultivate my creativity and encouraged me to chase my dreams of being in the visual arts industry. When I was little, my answer every time someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up was always “Artist”. My first go at calligraphy was for my brothers wedding, and it just came so naturally for me and I got so much enjoyment out of it. When I began immersing myself in my own designs and vendor relations for my wedding, I realized how much I enjoyed all aspects of it. I knew I just needed to go for it! I’m so happy I did, and it’s been so rewarding to do what I really love.


What's your favorite part of your work when helping engaged couples?

My favorite part of my work is being able to connect with my clients. When I can see eye-to-eye with a couple about what their vision is and it aligns so closely with what mine is, it’s awesome. Finding clients that view their correspondence, signage and other details as art always makes me happy. Things can get really stressful, so it’s always great to be able to rely on, appreciate, and trust your vendors judgement.  


Do you have any unique advice to share with engaged couples seeking out floral design?

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to hire a professional for your invites or signage, I urge couples to think about what these things means to them. The people who are receiving your invites are your loved ones. A beautiful, handmade invitation suite can have so much sentimental value to you as a couple, and become a keepsake for your guests. I love using handmade cotton rag paper, details like delicate wax seals and ribbons, and elements like watercolors or illustrations of things that have meaning to you as a couple. These pieces show your friends and family who you are and what to expect. The same thing goes for your wedding day details. Having elements that match those of your correspondence can help to bring things together and create a sense of familiarity. Not only is signage done by a professional beautiful, but it’s super useful in directing your guests where to go or what’s at the bar!