What I've Learned About Weddings Through Gardening


As I’m getting older, I’m finding that my interests are changing as well as my hobbies. I’m now afraid to get on that upside down roller coaster, but at 20 I had no fear. I now want to be in bed at 9:00 on most nights. I want to be up early so I don't miss any of the daylight. This list could continue. A lot of these lifestyle choices have to do with how I want my life to look every day, but also some fears that have taken shape (like the pesky heights).


One new change in my life has been gardening.


I wish I knew about flowers the way I do now at the time of my wedding.


Gardening has brought a sense of calmness to my life. On PLANTING DAY, I literally spring out of bed with excitement! I look forward to expanding our landscaping in some way and replanting annuals that we use throughout the yard, including our window boxes. Dustin and I start the day by making our way to the Farmer’s Market, but first we walk over to Holy Donut to begin the day right. At the Farmer’s Market we get all of our veggie and herb needs and then find our way to various nurseries.


There’s something special in taking pride in your home’s exterior. Am I right?


As we’ve expanded each year, I learn so much. How to dead head, when to do it, what it even means! I’ve learned when to prune and how much to water. I don’t always remember and I swear I’m going to make myself a chart one day soon, but regardless I love learning. I’ve become a fantastic gardening student! And most of all, I’m learning so much about the flowers I love and I get to enjoy them daily!


Here's what I've learned about weddings from gardening:

Work closely with your planner and florist. Lean on them for advice. Share a lot of photos of what you love and also photos of what you don’t like. Don’t only think about color, but try to discover names of the types of flowers you’ll find in your bouquet. Once your florist gives you a scheme they're planning, look up those floral names and be sure you like them. But also, be flexible. Flowers have a mind of their own and they don't always produce as planned. Florals really bring the wedding design full circle, so the time you and your planner will spend working with your florist is valuable.