Why a Planner is Such an Asset to You

Photo By: Rachel Buckley Weddings

Photo By: Rachel Buckley Weddings

Hey guys!

2019 weddings are coming fast!


Congratulations on your engagement!! There’s a lot going on right now, but this time is truly special and you absolutely deserve to enjoy these coming months.


Choosing to have a planner on your side is a big decision driven by emotion, time, and finances.


You most likely haven’t been on this journey before, so I want to share a little bit of what it looks like for you:

many conversations with your fiance and families

thousands of decisions to be made

giddy excitement!

numerous hours researching vendors (20+)

lots of image scrolling (Instagram, Pinterest)

plenty of moments feeling indecisive

times of excitement when you make progress

hours spent working through your to-do list (100+), i.e. organizing guest list, tracking rsvp data, calling hotels, choosing votives to purchase, developing a website, etc.

answering questions for guests

a car load of personal items standing in as decor (which = a very FULL car load the morning after your wedding that has to be unpacked and put away)


Hiring a planner right from the beginning will help everyone be organized without any details being overlooked.


Right away, we’ll:

hear and take notes about everything you’re envisioning (and not envisioning yet)

develop a budget

address concerns we see that may not align with your initial ideas

prioritize the to-do list based on your specific wedding

begin working through the list


Don’t wait!! Email me right now to see if it’s a good match!