What's your pricing?

Please contact me through the contact page or email directly at hello@dotinganddetails.com. After I learn more about your wedding dreams, I'll be able to share accurate pricing with you. My packages are labeled with a "starting price" because every wedding is very different. For example, an estate wedding involves more site visits than a wedding at a seasoned venue.


What venues do you work at?

I travel anywhere!


Will I be working with you directly or an associate?

You will be working directly with me! However, on your wedding day, I will have an appropriate number of assistants. These are people I trust. Once in a while, I'm lucky and my husband is the helper! He's the best worker I know!


If I'm "from away," how do we conduct meetings?

I use Google Hangout because I like to see your face! I also schedule phone calls as well. When we have details to discuss or a lot to review, I prefer this method over email. It's easier to track information in a voice conversation.


What are your office hours?

These vary between season. During wedding season (May - October), I take the weekend off from office hours because I'm either executing a wedding or backpacking in the mountains with Dustin and Porter. During the "off-season" I typically follow this schedule:

Tuesday: 9-5

Wednesday: evening appointments

Thursday: 9-5 + evening appointments

Friday: 9-5 (with afternoon rehearsals often)

Saturday: by appointment only

Sunday: by appointment only


Do you have another job or will you be flexibility to be available for me?

I do work part-time at an interior design firm, so you'll see my office hours reflect around that schedule (I love design work)!


Let me know if you have any other questions!