G E T A W A Y   P L A N N I N G

At Doting and Details, we believe in time away with your partner is essential and that precious time helps make love full and reminds you to live in the present. This is why we want to plan a getaway for you!


What's Getaway Planning?

  • A service that FULLY plans a getaway night or weekend for you and your partner.
  • It includes events you'd like to do! Not sure what to do? Don't worry, we love to help with this!
  • It can include as many details as you have in mind. You may be thinking about gifting this as a surprise, and in those case, we offer additional details to make the trip feel extra special.
  • These trips can be as BIG or as small as you'd like. It can range from camping to a nearby location to a trip that's 4 hours away nestled in the heart of a city or tucked away in the mountains. 

Why Getaway?

  • Time away with your partner provides you with time to reconnect and focus on your relationship.
  • You won't stop smiling, you'll laugh, and you'll talk (potentially more than you have in a while).
  • You'll come home feeling relaxed and feeling more connected to your very best friend.
  • It will allow you time to focus on your role as wife, husband, fiance, boyfriend, or girlfriend.
  • It reminds you to make love full.
  • You continue to learn about one another

Head here to read more about why I believe this is such a valuable experience. 


How it Works.

Contact us about your interest!

We'll get to know you, your  partner, and your vision. From there, we will put together a proposal for you to review. Once you look over it, you'll have a chance to ask questions and give feedback, so that we can make any changes for you. Afterwards, we will plan and book everything for you, so that you can be fully engaged in your time away. 

We'd love to answer any questions you have about this service! Drop us a hello email at: hello@dotinganddetails.com


Let us use our knowledge about New England charm and picturesque vistas paired with our relationships to provide you with a weekend away to fully enjoy your partner.



The getaway planning package begins at $100.00 plus the costs associated, for example, the hotel, theater show, sports event, etc.