Have a sense for what you like, but conflicted with how to pull it all together? Filled with questions and endless scrolling?


We totally understand! Wedding planning takes A LOT of time (over 150 hours) and there are so many facets to consider, from your vendors to design to ensuring your guests are happy. There's so much orchestrate, all while you need to carry out your daily routine.

At Doting and Details, we believe your wedding is a celebration of your love and planning your wedding day is a journey worth remembering.

We will provide you with clarity and make it simpler.



Full Service Planning

The comprehensive planning collection includes everything from the first time we meet through your the very last moment of your wedding day. I will bring plans to life as we coordinate everything from curating your vendor team to picking the perfect pen for your guest book, and even your shoes if that's something you'd like help with. We'll be sure to take plenty of things off your hands so you have more time doing what you love. Instead of unhealthy obsessing and stressing over your wedding, your time will be spent centering yourself at yoga, lounging on the beach, and you’ll breathe easy knowing I’m a quick phone call away.


Partial Planning

If you want to take charge of a little more, this is the collection for you. Ask me about the two partial planning options available. For both options, I'll manage your to-do list, discuss how to curate the best team of wedding vendors, and develop a budget with you. One option focuses more on logistics while the other coaches you through design elements.  Don't worry, my team and I will execute all your details on the day of your wedding too! This collection is designed to save you time while leaving the final day in the hands of a professional instead of your favorite aunt.


Day-Of Execution

This collection is for you if you know you'll rock your planning and you have PLENTY of time for it. We'll work together the last 6 weeks leading up to your wedding day finalizing last details. Because I believe you should feel relaxed about it all coming together, I want to hear what you’ve planned and talk about the best way we can make it all happen. On your wedding day, the only thing you should be focusing on is love, laughs, and singing your heart out (Journey, anyone?!). 

Limited availability.


Photos on this page by: Amy Caroline Photography